At Marc Truant & Associates, Inc. our staff functions as a team, and our approach to construction is driven by true collaboration.

Our core values are quality, respect, freedom and education—they are incorporated into all aspects of the company and the construction process. Please send a resume and cover letter to if you are interested in joining our team.

We most commonly hire for the following positions:

Project Manager

The Project Manager (PM) is the primary, day-to-day individual responsible for contract management throughout the life of the project. The PM and Superintendent work collaboratively and are responsible for planning and maintaining a project schedule, organizing the team's resources and controlling the project budget.

The company employs project managers with advanced degrees in architecture, construction management and construction engineering. Familiarity with Truant construction methodologies is preferred.

Assistant Project Manager

The Assistant Project Manager (APM) is responsible for managing the project's submittals and RFI's, distributing plans and specifications, and assisting subcontractors with requisition issues. Marc Truant & Associates, Inc. employs APMs with backgrounds in architecture, construction management and engineering.


The Superintendent's primary responsibilities are the construction activities on the job site, managing project safety, quality control (benchmarking), and developing, managing, and maintaining the project schedule. Our superintendents are broadly experienced and highly skilled in managing complex construction projects.

Marc Truant & Associates, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.