Cramer Productions, Inc.

Norwood, Massachusetts
Architect: Robert Olson + Associates, LLC

The fact that we did not hesitate to select Marc Truant & Associates, Inc. a second, third, and forth time speaks volumes for the faith that we have in his organization to get the job done right.
Greg Martin, Vice President of Finance, Cramer Productions, Inc.

The owner of Cramer Productions, Inc., a multimedia production and event staging business, hired Marc Truant & Associates, Inc. for each of the company's four phases of renovation. The adaptation of this former warehouse in a suburban industrial area turned a dull working space into an inviting, contemporary office building. Open meeting spaces, a cafeteria, editing rooms, production studios, and offices were carefully constructed to be functional and durable as well as exciting and compelling. With its dramatic open space, the surprising use of color, and the concept of a neighborhood of buildings within the warehouse, this is a unique commercial structure.

Photographs: Steve Rosenthal