Memorial Church, Harvard University

Cambridge, Massachusetts
Architect: MGIA Architects

Throughout the project, we were impressed with the professional performance and attitude of Marc Truant's staff. Throughout construction, the staff, from the foreman to the laborers, were incredibly sensitive to the unique needs of a church. The quality of the workmanship was outstanding.
Daniel A. Sanks, Memorial Church Director of Administration and Development

Accessibility upgrades to this historically sensitive building in the heart of Harvard Yard included a new elevator, interior handicap ramp, and accessible bathrooms. The project involved modifications to architecturally significant areas of the building. Ornate original millwork was matched and modified precisely—new and old were masterfully blended. By isolating major work areas, fragile plaster grillwork was not disturbed during saw-cutting and demolition activities, and an extremely sensitive organ was protected from dust. Work was carefully and rigidly scheduled to allow daily events in the occupied building to proceed undisturbed. Excellent communication, adaptation to a difficult work environment, and diligent planning were hallmarks of this project.

Photographs: Elton Pope-Lance