Park Street Church

Boston, Massachusetts
Architect: Mills Whitaker Architects, LLC

We developed a strong trust in the Truant team due to their responsiveness. It was amazing to me that there were no surprises during construction—the budget had been thoughtfully planned out.
William O'Donnell, Facilities Manager

A multi-phase renovation over several years of Zero, One, Two and Three Park Street has gradually provided this 19th century church with much-needed space as it expands to meet the needs of its congregation. Multiple floors within three buildings were renovated for church offices and meeting rooms, as well as for several youth and social service outreach programs. Two apartments created for church staff were built into the upper floors of Three Park Street. Space was also renovated for Park Street Kids, a preschool and nursery school that within a few years became the Park Street School. A large, retracting projection screen was installed in the sanctuary's soaring 30ft. ceiling to accommodate the popular contemporary evening services. Project challenges included complex coordination, working in occupied spaces, and construction in a dense, urban location at a significant historic and heavily touristed area of downtown Boston.

Photographs: William Lackey, Don Mills