Thurow Residence

Boston, Massachusetts
AGC Build Massachusetts Award
Architect: Flavin Architects

The owners have nothing but great things to say about their home. That we were able to achieve their goal within a context of excellent relations with the builders is a huge satisfaction to me.
Colin Flavin, Architect

Seven months after the start of construction, the owners were able to move into their newly renovated, 4,800 square foot townhouse in Boston's historic South End. A few months later the Boston Globe Magazine hailed their home as a Victorian that "defies tradition." The historic exterior gives little indication of the dramatic contemporary space inside. Working in a dense, urban area, Marc Truant & Associates, Inc. transformed this home by utilizing the finest craftsmen in the Boston area. Especially noteworthy is the interior plasterwork aside the modern metal, stone and glass stairwell.

All six floors, except for the garden level kitchen, were gutted and retrofitted on a fast-track schedule. In addition to extensive foundation work and a new roof, four steel and wood balconies cantilevered from the back of the building were also added, and the front dormer was restored to its original state.

Photographs: Peter Vanderwarker